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Stairstep MLM, also known as a Stairstep Breakaway MLM or Breakaway MLM, is a compensation plan structure used in multi-level marketing programs. It allows distributors to progress through various levels or steps of achievement and earn increasing commissions and bonuses as they reach higher ranks. Here's an overview of how a Stairstep MLM typically works:


Distributor Hierarchy:

In a Stairstep MLM, distributors are organized in a hierarchical structure with different ranks or levels. The ranks typically include titles such as Associate, Supervisor, Manager, Director, etc. Each rank represents a step or level of achievement within the MLM company.


Breakaway Structure:

The distinguishing feature of a Stairstep MLM is the breakaway structure. As distributors achieve specific criteria or sales volume, they "break away" from their upline or sponsor and become independent leaders of their own team. This breakaway allows them to earn higher commissions and bonuses based on their own team's sales volume.


Compression and Depth:

In a Stairstep MLM, the breakaway structure creates compression and depth within the organization. Compression refers to the consolidation of the downline when a distributor breaks away. Inactive or non-performing members are typically removed from the upline's organization, allowing for a more focused and productive team. Depth refers to the number of levels deep a distributor can earn commissions on.


Commission Structure:

Distributors in a Stairstep MLM earn commissions and bonuses based on their personal sales volume, as well as the sales volume of their downline organization. As distributors progress through the ranks, they are eligible for higher commission rates and additional bonuses tied to achieving certain sales targets or rank advancements.


Leadership Development:

The Stairstep MLM plan encourages leadership development by providing incentives and recognition for advancing through the ranks. As distributors break away and become leaders of their own teams, they have the opportunity to mentor and support their downline members, helping them achieve success and advance in the MLM business.