Single Leg MLM

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Single Leg MLM, also known as a Monoline MLM or Linear MLM, is a type of compensation plan structure used in multi-level marketing programs. It features a single leg or line of distributors, where every new recruit is placed directly under the previous participant, forming a linear chain. Here's an overview of how a Single Leg MLM typically works:


Linear Structure:

In a Single Leg MLM, every new distributor is added to the bottom of the single line or leg of distributors. Each participant is directly linked to the person who joined before them, creating a continuous line with no branching or multiple levels.


No Levels or Width:

Unlike other MLM compensation plans that have multiple levels or a defined width, Single Leg MLM focuses solely on the single line of distributors. There are no levels or width restrictions in terms of frontline members or levels deep in the structure.


Commission Structure:

The primary focus of a Single Leg MLM is typically on the recruitment of new members. Participants earn commissions and bonuses based on the recruitment and enrollment of new distributors into the line. Commissions are often earned when new recruits join and pay an enrollment fee or purchase a product or service.



In some Single Leg MLM plans, participants may benefit from spillover. This occurs when a new recruit is placed under an existing participant who has reached a certain level or achieved a specific requirement. Spillover can help accelerate the growth of a participant's downline and increase potential earnings.


Team Support and Collaboration:

Since Single Leg MLM follows a single line structure, participants often work collectively to support and assist each other in recruiting new members. This creates a collaborative and team-oriented environment within the MLM program.