Australian Binary MLM Plan

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The Australian Binary MLM Plan is a compensation structure used in multi-level marketing programs that combines elements of both binary and unilevel plans. It is a popular plan used by MLM companies in Australia and other regions. Here's an overview of how the Australian Binary MLM Plan typically works:


Binary Structure:

The Australian Binary MLM Plan follows a binary structure where each distributor has two frontline positions or legs. These legs are often referred to as the "left leg" and the "right leg." Distributors can personally recruit two new members, one placed in each leg, forming their frontline.


Matching Bonus:

One of the key features of the Australian Binary MLM Plan is the matching bonus. This bonus is earned when a distributor achieves a certain level of balance between their left and right legs. The matching bonus is typically a percentage of the binary commissions earned by the distributor's personally sponsored recruits.


Binary Commissions:

Distributors in the Australian Binary MLM Plan earn commissions based on the sales volume generated by their weaker leg or the leg with less volume. The commissions are calculated based on a predetermined percentage of the sales volume generated by the weaker leg. The goal is to encourage distributors to balance the sales volume between both legs.


Unilevel Commissions:

In addition to the binary commissions, the Australian Binary MLM Plan often includes unilevel commissions. These commissions are earned on the sales volume generated by a distributor's downline organization beyond their frontline recruits. The number of levels and the commission rates can vary based on the MLM company's compensation plan.


Rank Advancements:

The Australian Binary MLM Plan may incorporate rank advancements as distributors achieve specific criteria such as reaching a certain sales volume, sponsoring a certain number of recruits, or achieving a specific leadership position within the organization. Advancing in rank often comes with additional benefits, higher commission rates, and bonuses.