Board MLM Plan

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The Board MLM Plan, also known as the Board Plan or Revolving Matrix Plan, is a popular compensation structure used in multi-level marketing (MLM) companies. It is characterized by a board-like structure where distributors progress through a series of levels or boards to earn commissions and bonuses. Here's an overview of how the Board MLM Plan works:


Board Structure:

The Board Plan consists of a set number of boards, typically in the form of a 2x2 matrix or a 3x3 matrix. Each board has a fixed number of positions, and distributors aim to fill these positions by recruiting new members.


Board Advancement:

The goal for distributors is to advance through the boards by filling positions with new recruits. Once a board is filled, it splits into two sub-boards, and the distributor advances to the next higher-level board. This splitting and advancement process continues as distributors progress through higher-level boards.


Position Filling:

Distributors typically start at the first level or the first board, which has a set number of positions. They recruit new members and place them in the available positions on their board. As the board fills up, distributors can earn various bonuses and commissions.


Board Completion Bonuses:

When a board is completely filled with members, the distributor at the top (the one who recruited the most recent members) earns a board completion bonus. This bonus is a significant payout and serves as a motivation for distributors to continue recruiting and advancing to higher-level boards.


Leadership Bonuses:

In addition to board completion bonuses, the Board MLM Plan may offer leadership bonuses or commissions based on the performance of the distributor's downline organization. These bonuses are typically tied to the sales or recruitment activities of the distributor's team members.